Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Connor's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Connor's birthday on January 1st with a family trip to the bowling alley. We all bowled and had a great time.

We had Connor's birtday party on January 10th at the ROC at First Baptist Church. The kids got to jump in the bounce house and/or play ball. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I am including a picture of Connor and his friends from school that were able to attend. (A few frineds are camera shy and are either hiding behind someone in the picture or they just wouldn't get in the picture to begin with. There are always a few in any crowd.)Our neighbors and friends, Brittney, Landon, Annie and Chloe, were also in attendance. Thanks to everyone that helped make Connor's 8th birthday special.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Basketball Season is in Full Swing!!

Connor and Rob started basketball practice back in December. January 10th was the team's first official game. It was a blow out!! Connor had a great time and scored about 20 points. I've attached a few pictures another mother took during the game. Enjoy!!

Hello and Welcome

OK...so I've gotten the hang of blogging by using a blog my sister set up for our family. I thought it was time to branch off on my own. (That is if I can actually find the time to blog.) Today I have created the blog and made the first post. As I can upload my pictures, I'll start posting. Keaton is always on the computer at home besides the fact it came over on the Mayflower so to speak. I will either have to post from work when time allows or fight Keaton for the computer until after tax season. (Hopefully, we'll be able to purchase a more modern computer for all of our ever growing technology needs.) More to come.....