Sunday, February 5, 2012

At Long Last

I know I haven't updated in some time. There have just been too many things going on that needed my attention I guess. I may have also lost some interest in blogging for awhile because I haven't been reading blogs much of late either.

Here I will attempt to fill you in with the quick or short version.

In August, as school started, we began to look for another place to live. We decided that a different house would be better for our family. It would be a safer environment for Keaton and less stress for the rest of us. With two sets of sliding glass doors which are very difficult to keep locked, Keaton got away from us very quickly. Basically he ran off in the neighborhood and we couldn't find him. I cannot describe the panic we felt. His safety was and is more important to use than any house. So we found a smaller place with a privacy fenced around the backyard. We moved in September. Had a new alarm system installed. The new version is much louder. It can be heard easily from just about anywhere in the house. The other house was bigger and the alarm was much more difficult to hear from all over the house.

Connor continued playing baseball into September. He practiced swimming and joined the Jr. Beta club at school. He continues to be on the academic team and loves it. He is one of the captains. He makes us so proud. Basketball season started. The holidays came and went as quickly as they do each year. We celebrated Connor's 11th birthday with a party here at home.

Keaton keeps growing! He is already as tall as I am. I know that may not be saying much but he is only 9 years old. He already weighs 130+ pounds. We've had to make adjustments to his medications. We've spent some sleepless nights up with him just because he wasn't ready to sleep. (Last night/this morning being one of them. That is part of the reason I have found the chance to blog.) After we moved, we suffered some bathroom issues but I think we have finally gotten that all back on track.

Rob experienced some very high blood pressure back in December. Scared us all with a trip or two to the ER. Thankfully, he has that all under control now.

In January, Rob and I went once again to Pigeon Forge with some friends. After eating well on the trip and feeling like I had gained five pounds, I decided to make a better effort to get the gym. I've been to a step class or two and have started going to a zumba class with a friend.

As for now, the beginning of February, basketball season is winding up. It hasn't been the most exciting of seasons. The team came close to winning only one game. I'm helping organize a 5K race as a fundraiser for my school and have started haveing montly swim board meetings for the summer swim team. Somehow I ended up being president. Oh's just one more thing to do.

Until next time, (and hopefully it won't take as long as last time)