Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yankees 2009 Jamboree

Go Yankees!!

Yesterday, Saturday, April 25th, was the opening day for Warren County Pee Wee Baseball. Rob is coaching Connor's team again this year along with his friend Dave Dennis and Eric Hurt. Most of the boys on the team are returning from last year with the addition of four new players.

In the opening game yesterday Connor had two doubles!! He was on fire. His 3rd and last bat resulted in the opposing team's first baseman tagging the bag for an out. Connor is burning it up along the right side of the field. Let's hope it continues!!

The Yankees ended the game with a 12 to 6 win against the Dodgers.

(For Jamboree games, there is a time limit of 50 minutes. During regular season games, teams will play longer.)

Autism Awareness Day at Hot Rods Game

GO Bowling Green Hot Rods!!
Saturday, April 18th was Autism Awareness Day at the Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game. I volunteered to work a booth for the Bowling Green City Schools (hence the purple shirt) and decided to take the boys along. Mrs. Brenda True, Keaton's wonderful resource teacher, was scheduled to work before me and was a big help with the boys. The boys and I enjoyed the first 3 or 4 innings of the game before having to leave for Connor's ball practice. We had a great time!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

On Easter morning, the boys got up to find their Easter baskets filled with swimming trunks, a beach towel, some chocolates, a Bakugan for Connor and a video for Keaton. After church the boys and I headed to Granny's for Easter lunch. Connor and Keaton love to go to Granny's. They love playing with all the big kids.

Connor and Keaton both love climbing in this tree at Granny's house. It is the same tree that my cousins and I climbed on when we were little. It is the perfect climbing tree. Too bad for the boys that we don't have a good climbing tree in our own yard. I was able to get some really good pictures of all the kids in the tree. You'll have to check out the Hurt Family Blog to see the others.

I was able to get a quick picture of Connor and Keaton with their Papa.