Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Been A While

For someone like myself who has become so hooked on reading blogs and writing posts for blogs, I have been gone way too long. As usual returning to school after a break of any sort makes for some busy times. Throw in a birthday party and some basketball games and it's hard to find the time to post on a regular basis. So here I am finally tonight making the time to post picts from Connor's birthday party. He and his friends sure seemed to enjoy themselves.


I like to get a picture of Connor with each of the kids at his parties, but I failed to do that this year. Ooops. Maybe next time. In other news, Upward basketball season has started. I have attempted to get a few good shots, but I have captured one I'm ready to frame yet. I'll still share a few of what I have been able to get. 

Until next time....

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