Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

It has been awhile. Things have been busy to say the least since school started.

This fall Connor played Fall Ball and had games right at the beginning of school just as we were all settling into a new school year. Please excuse the photograph lapse.

I also became a lia sophia advisor. I had my starter show at the end of August and had a great first month of sales in September. I was fornuate to have some great hostesses. lia sophia offers a great product, awesome hostess incentives and a terrific customer satisfaction program. Check out my website at

Let's skip to fall break....

Connor had his first swim meet with SKY in Owensboro. He finished 2nd in two events, 3rd in another and was disqualified in the event he would have placed 1st. It was a great meet. We can't wait for the next one.

When Connor did his flip turns, it didn't look like he was touching the wall. He and Coach Katie had a little chat and he was able to use the extra lane to get in a few practice flip turns before the next event.

We went to the circus with Angie, Hallie and Trent. Connor enjoyed it much more than Keaton did.

On Wednedsay we visited Mammoth Cave National Park for the Snowball Tour with our friends, Kevin, Jennifer, Dylan, Landen, and Alex. The boys had a great time. They were very interested and wanted to be right by the ranger every step of the way.

We spent Thursday with Angie, Codie, and Ceceley. We had lunch and went shopping. The day ended way too soon.

Friday Connor and I headed to Cave City with Angie, Hallie and Trent. We went horse back riding at Jessie James Stables. Trent was a hoot. He put on a show. Connor had a great time. We had hardly gotten home when Connor wanted to know when we could go again.

Today the boys and I visited Jackson's Orchard. We met up with some friends. All the photos I took were with her camera. I'll be getting them later.

Now it may seem like Keaton didn't get to do much over fall break but that isn't the case. We did opt for him to do other things when we visited the cave and went horse back riding.  He made a new friend, Sara Beth. They went to Chuck E. Cheese, visited Western's library, went to Wal-Mart and visited Lost River Cave (not the tour). He had a big time too.

Well, this should bring you up to speed for now. Hopefully I'll not take so long before posting again.

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