Sunday, January 2, 2011

He's Gone and Done It

He's gone and done it alright. My baby turned 10. He hit the double digits and that boy stage that makes them hard to read. You know the one. It's the stage that when you give them a gift they have been dying to get, you don't know whether or not they like it because of their reaction. They are to "old" to show their excitement. That's the one.

My sister and her family came down and helped us celebrate Connor's birthday by going out to eat. (No pictures of them. Took them on Connor's new PSP and have bothered to figure out how to upload them yet. Left my camera at home.) Angie brought him a couple of Harry Potter books he wanted and $15. Thanks Aunt Angie!! So glad they were all able to come and have dinner with us.
 A couple of days before his birthday Connor received his gift from Papa, Ruby and Kacie in the mail. He was so excited to open it. I thought the anticipation of waiting for his father to get home before opening it was going to drive us both insane. He couldn't stand it. He was thrilled to open up the Harry Potter Lego game. He stayed up late that night putting it together. There was no way he was going to bed before he finished.

 As soon as he awoke yesterday, he started in wanting to open his gifts from us. His Nana left him a card and $10. Thanks Nana.

Here is the part where that weird boy stage comes into play.
Each year when Connor makes his Christmas list I also ask him to include things he would like for his birthday. I just go ahead and do all the shopping at once. I wrap up his Christmas gifts and put away the birthday presents until the big day. (That way I don't have to run out right after Christmas looking for the perfect birthday gift.) This year he included a Harry Potter Years 1-4 DS game on his list. I felt a little bad as Christmas came and went and he didn't get it. It was one of the things that stayed consistent on the list. You know how kids change their minds or at least mine does. This particular item or his desire for it never wavered. I knew he wanted it and would need games for his new PSP so I got it in PSP format.  He seemed happy enough with it when he opened it but nothing over the top by any means. He opened up the PSP which game in a bundle with a specific game that had been on the list. Still no big deal. Thanks was about it . Look at that face in the picture below. Does that look like a kid who got exactly what he asked for his birthday? I think not.

It wasn't until about bedtime last that I was allowed to know how much he liked it. "Mom, I'm really glad you got me the PSP with Invisalbes and Harry Potter. I love it. Thanks."

My baby is no more. He is growing into a nice young man. We all want our kids to stay little but no  matter what, they won't. At least we can be blessed with the knowledge that they are growing into a person we will be proud to call Son.

Connor, we love you so very much!!

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