Friday, July 23, 2010

Domesticated goddess~No not really...

Domesticated goddess, I am NOT. However there are a few  things I try to do. If you have visited here before you probably already know that I like to bake and you can see that my last post has to do with making preserves with a friend. We don't have a garden but CORN is the one thing I really like to put up for another day. 

I didn't even like any corn other than corn on the cob until I was an adult. Man what was I thinking!! I really missed out as a child. Cream style corn cut off the cob (NOT STORE BOUGHT) is just about the best thing there is.

I normally hope to get a few bags from my dad but this year I decided that I should do it myself.

After Jennifer and I made her preserves, we decided we'd do some corn for ourselves. I made sure to get to the farmers market early the other day and picked up some Peaches 'n Cream corn on the cob.

Looks pretty good, huh? We thought so.
We boiled the corn for approximately 5 minutes and then spread them out on a towel to dry before cutting the kernals off the cob.
 Then we scraped the cob to make sure
 we didn't leave anything behind.

We stirred it all up and put it in freezer bags to store.

We were a bit disappointed that we only had 13 bags.

Who can cut the corn off the cob and not cook a little up to try?? Not us. We liked it so much we cooked to pan fulls and ate if for lunch. YUMMY!! It makes my mouth water for more thinking about how good it was.

It wasn't that difficult. We had some good conversation and some delicious corn. We didn't have enough bags to freeze. Sooooo, we asked Jennifer's parents to pick us up some more corn when they were out. (Thanks Susan and David for doing that little errand. We really appreciate it!!)

We met up again last night and cut off enough corn to have 14 more bags. It is so good I want some more but don't know if I'll have the time to prepare it before school starts back.

Until next time,


  1. It was a fun time with a good friend with yummy results!!! Who could ask for more??

  2. My mouth is watering too! Do you put sugar in your corn? Tim's mom always told me to put a little sugar in it. Yummy! I love your design on your blog. It looks great. I wished I had time to do this too.