Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boys of Summer

After the regular baseball season ended, Rob and Connor had the opportunity to continue coaching and playing. Connor is a member of one of the all star teams. Rob is an assistant coach. This is really our first experience with tournament play. I don't count the one time last year he filled in on a team when they were short players. The coaches were able to get enough financial support that the team got some spiffy uniforms, matching helmets and bat bags. Pretty nice!!

 The team's first out of town tournament was last weekend. Thankfully it was close enough we could drive home between games. It was terribly HOT, but the boys had fun. Connor wouldn't admit it, but he was a bit nervous. They play again this week in town. Yeah!! Less driving.

 Up to bat.

 Ready to run.

Connor heading on home.

Let's play some baseball. Until next time....

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