Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Birthday Party!!

Yesterday was Chloe's 1st birtday party. She is our next door neighbor's/friend's youngest daughter. The boys had a great time helping celebrate with water play, pizza and cake.

Isn't she a cutie in her pink birthday party girl tutu?

She did take off the tutu for the cake. She had a great time. You should have seen what was left of her cake. YUMMY IN THE TUM, TUM TUMMY!!

Here is a shot of Connor after changing back into to dry clothes after the water play. He had a great time playing with Landon, Chloe's oldest brother.

Keaton had a great time playin in the water. Water play (whether in a pool or not) is his all time number 1 favorite thing to do. A birthday party, water play, pizza and cake, Keaton was in heaven with all of his favorite things at once.

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