Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Memoir

(Connor, Rob and Keaon -Easter morning on our way to church.)
The following is Connor's memoir he wrote as a 2nd grader this year. He read it aloud at his class memoir party. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. Rob wasn't able to go to the party but sure wanted to know why I had let Connor write such things when he read it.
My Good Dad
By: Connor Creek
There is a special person in my life that has influenced me by teaching my how to play sports. He has taught me everything I know about sports. He told me to choke up on the baseball bat, Don't be afraid of the ball, and don't catch the ball on the side of your body. The person I'm writing about is my dad, Robert Creek.
My dad's eyes are green like a lake. He smells like a dumpster with stinky dogs in it at night. His hair is black and short. He moves silly at night and at day he moves kind of fast but also a little slow. His skin is rough at the chin like tiny pine needles and smooth like a bag everywhere else.
My dad's hobbies are playing golf, annoying my mom, and coaching me at sports. His talents are burping loudly and being a stink bomb. My dad's job is to tell people what to do like put the boxes on the trucks at 12:00.
My dad is funny but not funny funny. He is funny at home but his jokes aren't funny. The only way how my dad is funny is he burps words. He gets paid a lot of money.
My dad takes me to a golf course on Thursday nights in the fall so I can be his caddy. The golf course is in town. I do not know what the golf course is called but its medium size. My dad tells me short stories about when he was a kid and stories of him as a child, and stories of when he started playing sports.
I'm a better person when I make my own choices. My dad told me be a leader not a follower and he has told me don't be a sore loser and we are not sore losers.


  1. That is the funniest thing I have ever read... This is great! I read this to Kevin and we were rolling on the floor. You have a funny guy there.

  2. Connor - You did a great job! I bet your dad got a kick out of this!

  3. Oh this is wonderful! You have to scrap this! Isn't it funny how kids always expose our "not so kind" moments :) Cherish this will provide laughs for many years to come.