Monday, May 25, 2009

Some shots from the last couple of games the Yankees played. Thanks to my friend Gerrie for taking the pictures. I'm always busy keeping the book. It's a little hard to take pictures and keep the book correctly. (I'll be especially grateful for her picture taking now that Keaton has torn my camera up with one of his many photo shoots.)

This is a shot of Connor after a big win game. The Yankees were down 1-8 until finally in the fourth inning they came alive. Connor got his first homerun hit this night (only one other player on base). He got a hit every time and had several RBIs. Way to be a hitter, Connor!! Yankees ended up winning 18-19. Connor made the hit that brought in the winning run!!

Connor up to bat against the Hot Rods.

Warming up before the big winning game against the Tigers.

Getting his arm loose so he can make throws from short to first base.

Finishing that swing during the Hot Rods game.

(I posted the pictures out of order. )

Making it to first during game against Hot Rods.

Ready to run!

Playing short. Connor had a really good night a few games back playing 3rd. He made every throw to first. So Rob moved him to short. Hadn't found anyone else who could make the throw. Since then Connor has been playing short stop. He hasn't had a defensive night as good as the one on 3rd (the ball just hadn't been there for one reason or another, ie., bouncing off the pitchers foot ) but he continues to do well and has really improved in the batting department.

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