Sunday, June 14, 2009

Determination Goes A Long Way

Keaton, the child with all the determination in the world. (We took the boys out to the park for a little while this afternoon after it rained. The sun had come out and made for a beautiful afternoon.)

Rob and Connor got some batting practice in at the batting cage while I took Keaton over to the playground. He played on the slide just a few minutes, completely ignored the Merry Go Round today and headed over to the pirate ship to play.

He got it in his head he was going to climb to the very tip top of the ship (not real sure what that part is called but on this particular ship I don't think you're supposed to be able to climb to the top or anything).

The beginning of his journey. I had already gotten him down more times than I cared to count and I kept telling him, "You're not supposed to walk on this part." Finally, I got tired and gave up but not Keaton.
He seems to have pretty good balance, doesn't he?

He wasn't discouraged when he tried it one way and then had to try another. He just kept on trying.
and trying.

Almost there.
Just a bit more.
Did it!!
A job well done!
The happy face of a child who has accomplished what they set out to do. If we could all be as blessed to reach our goals once we set them! Way to go Keaton!! (Thankfully he didn't fall and break anything.)

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  1. This made me smile! How well I know that determination. I miss seeing him and his determination each week! I hope he continues to make he kind of progress that he made over the last two semesters, and I believe he will, BECAUSE of that determination that he has.
    --"Miss Header"