Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Fun

I finally got a new camera. It was a happy anniversary present to myself I guess you could say. Anyway, I thought that since I had taken a few new picts of my own, I take a minute and let you know what we have been up to so far this summer.

Connor's baseball team, Coached by Rob, finished the season tied for 3rd place. We have now started the the double elimination county wide tournament. We advanced in the winner's bracket after the first game and will play again on Tuesday night at 7:30. The next game after that will be on Saturday, June 20 at 9:00. Hopefully the boys will continue playing well and/or continue to improve.

Swim team and just having fun in the pool have been way up there on our list of things to do this summer. Swim team practice is every day Monday-Friday at 9:00 until 10:00. The boys have made all practices except for was really cold and rainy. It was a day that I had inservice so I let them and the babysitter off the hook. Anyway, they both arew doing well. Connor is learning new strokes and gaining speed. Keaton is learning the routine...down on one side of the lane and back on the other. He is also doing a great job waiting his turn and following directions. We really aren't really working with him with any strokes other than freestyle. Here are a few picts of the boys at the pool yesterday just having some good old fun.

Keaton loves to jump off the low board. He'll walk up to the high board and turn around and come right back down. That's just fine by me. I don't think I'm ready for him to take the big leap of the high dive just yet.

Connor will go off either board. This just happens to be a picture of him off the low board. He thinks I should have taken a picture of him off the high board. (I didn't want to keep my camera out too long. It's new and all. I didn't want to take a chance of it gettting wet.)

Here, Keaton is getting ready to go down the slide. He loves it!! The picture of Connor on the slide didn't turn out well. It was too blurry to share. I'll have to do better next time.

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