Tuesday, July 21, 2009

busy, Busy, BUSY!!!

We have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to upload new photos. I'll give you a quick run down of what has been happening in our lives since my last post on the 13th of July.

On the 14th, Angie and Jonathan came to Bowling Green to pick up Ceceley and drop of Codie. Just before we headed out to Connor's swim meet (the only one they were going to get to see) my dad called. He was going to the hospital for a 2nd EKG for the day. He had experienced quite a bit of chest pain the night before and his doctor wanted more information. So, Angie, Jonathan and Ceceley headed back home to check on our dad. Connor, Codie and I went on to the swim meet. So, they transferred my dad to St. Thomas in Nashville and the doctor there determined that he in fact had had a heart attack.

On Wednesday, we all headed down to the hospital to visit with my dad. By the time we arrived he had already had his procedure done and had received a stint to alleviate the blockage. Thankfully there wasn't any permanent damage. He went home from the hospital on Friday afternoon.

On Friday night we hosted the end of the season celebration for Connor's baseball team at Southland. We swam, ate pizza and cupcakes and swam some more. The boys were all really excited about the trophies they received for placing 3rd in our district. It is the biggest trophy Connor has ever received. He is so proud of it.

Saturday was the swim conference hosted at our pool. I helped set up some of the chairs the night before after the baseball celebration and then got up and headed over to the swim meet around 7:30 am. I volunteered to work while the older kids (11 and up) competed. Although we did our best to keep things on track and running smoothly, they didn't finish up until nearly 2:00. Connor's age group competed after that. I only volunteered for the morning session but continued to help during the afternoon as well. Connor competed in six different events. His medley relay team placed 1st!! In the 8 and under individual medley (100 meters/25 of each stroke) he finished 3rd over all. (There were around 20 participants.) He swam 25 in every stroke except the butterfly and swam in a freestyle relay as well.

Rob had another golf tournament on Saturday. He finished 1st!!!

As soon as Connor completed his last event (sometime near 6:00pm) we headed home. (There were only two events left but we left anyway.) We got home. Connor changed and we headed out to a friend's house for dinner. We had a very nice dinner and came home early. Connor and I had had a very long day.

We made it back to church as a family on Sunday. (We often go separately in the summer because of Rob's golf tournaments.) Afterward the boys and I joined some friends for lunch. Rob had to watch the golf tournament on tv. We then met Cheri and Jennifer at Wal-Mart to order our post cards we plan on mailing out to our students. Had to take Rob his car keys and then headed to Target. Connor had some money that was burning a hole in his pocket. (He didn't end up buying anything. What he wanted was $5 more than what he had and I refused to pay the difference.) Thankfully I was able to slip away to the movies with a friend later that afternoon.

Bright and early Monday morning Rob and I headed over to Greenview for his throat scope. They stretched his esophagus some but he needs to return in a few weeks to repeat the procedure. Keaton had speech at 11:00. When I got home, I spent the afternoon weed eating and mowing the yard. Connor and I then headed over to a friend's for dinner. We had a nice time visiting with friends. They had some really good burgers!!

Today I thought I would spend some time working at home. The house is a mess and I have plenty of school work to do. I started the day by finishing a book I had started, printed mailing labels and cleaned out part of my closet. Then Keaton came through the house with a container of baby powder turned upside down and going every where. That's when I decided we were headed to the pool. We needed to get out of the house. Man oh man was the water chilly.

After a few hours at the pool the boys and I headed home. We changed clothes and went to Fazoli's for 99 cent kids meals. I spent the next few hours at school putting up bulletin boards and posters in my classroom.

Tomorrow Keaton has a dentist appointment. He also needs to make a visit to the barber if we can get to it. No speech tomorrow. Thursday we have a birthday party. Monday and Tuesday I have inservice. Monday night we have a swim team celebration dinner and school starts the following Tuesday. Can't figure out what happened to our summer. It seems to have flown by (not really sure which by/bye I should use here) right before my very eyes.

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