Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009~A Year in Review~January thru June

WARNING: This is the first of a two part blog entry. It is also a long post.

As the year winds down and the new year approaches, I wanted to take a moment or two and reflect on events of 2009. What better way than to post a few picts to capture the highlights of the year! So here goes....

We started January off like we do every year by celebrating Connor's birthday. He is a New Year's Baby and hates that saying. His birthday party was once again at the ROC at First Baptist. Lots of room to play and have great fun.

Connor's basketball season got in full swing this month. With Rob as his coach, he had a great time playing with his team.

Connor started taking guitar lessons. He enjoyed it but they only lasted until baseball practice started. A mom can only get the kids to so many places at once. Keaton started back to KAP two days a week and speech two days a week.

Connor and I worked together with our creative skills to make a Valentine robot instead of a Valentine box. What great fun we had.

This year we celebrated Keaton's birthday with a party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was the first time we invited friends from school to one of Keaton's parties. He LOVED it. Pizza, presents, friends and birthday cake all in one place. What more could a kid ask for, especially a kid who loves pizza and birthday cake!!

March was a really big month for Keaton. He actually got a haircut for the first time without having to be restrained!! He hates getting his hair cut and until this visit, it was a very difficult task.

We had a great family gathering for Easter at my Granny's house. The weather was great and the kids got to climb the climbing tree. It's the very same tree that my cousins and I climbed when we were young. My boys love it. Wish we had one in our yard.

Baseball season really gets rolling in April. The boys and I spent Saturday, April 18th at the Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball game in recognition of Autism Awareness Day. It was our first visit to the new stadium.

Connor's practices also started this month and opening day for his league was April 25th. Once again Rob was able to coach Connor's team. They played a great first game opener and earned their team the first win of the season.

During the month of May, we continued with baseball practice and with games. The team was really having a good season. We began looking forward to the end of the school year and the summer ahead.

As we were wrapping up one school year and looking toward the next, I learned that I would have a new teaching partner. Cheri and I would be joined by Jennifer Johnson. We would all be using a new approach and teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th graders as a unit.

Along with warmer days, June brought with it much fun. The Yankees, Connor's team, continued to play well and they advanced to the Division II playoffs held at WKU. Although they lost that game, they placed 5th overall. It was an awesome season.

The boys and I hit the pool as often as we could and then some. We decided to take the opportunity to find out about the swim team at Southland. Although only Connor competed in events, both boys practiced everyday from 9-10. There were a few times Connor was ready to hang it up and call it quits but that isn't allowed in our home. So he hung in there and loved it. We can't wait to do it again next summer. We're even thinking about joining a year round swim team. Guess we'll see how this next summer goes first.

Robert and I also celebrated our 11th anniversary with a nice dinner out just for the two of us and purchased a new camera. (That was mostly for me.)

***After I began gathering pictures and writing about each month, I realized how big a project this was and just how big a post I was making. So I decided to divid it into two seperate posts.***

August thru December coming to a blog near you soon. They will be joined by their dear friend, July. Thanks to Jennifer for the reminder. Must have gotten carried away and left it out.


  1. Whew...what a busy 7 months!! Cute way to review the year :)