Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Connor's Recipe for a Ho Ho Happy Christmas

Connor's Recipe for a Ho Ho Happy Christmas (as written for a 3rd grade writing assignment)
From the Kitchen of: The Creek Family
Serves: 5

3 pecks of friends
3 tsp. of hugs
1 room full of presents
1 pint of joy
8 gallons of happiness
8 reindeer thumping on the roof of a house full of family
1 plate full of colored lights

Mix 3 pecks of friends and a house full of family. Pour 1 pint of joy into the mix bowl. Now stir. Combine 1 plateful of colored lights and 3 tsp. of hugs. Dump it on your Christmas tree. Now put 1 room full of presents under the tree. Reheat the 8 gallons of happiness and pout in five cups, one for you, one for your brother or sister, one for you dad, one for you mom and one for Santa. When your done, listen for 8 thumping reindeer on the roof and that's your Ho Ho Happy Christmas.

Should have posted this sooner. Couldn't resist when I found it in his school bag.

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