Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!

We have had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS indeed!

We began our Christmas celebration on Wednesday night. Robert and I had a nice dinner at Montana Grill and afterward exchanged gifts with his mother. The boys were so excited to finally get to open a present.

We spent the early part of Christmas Eve getting ready to head to my Granny's for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering. I did a few last minute errands and the boys played with their new toys.

Some time ago, my grandparents started hosting a family gathering on Christmas Eve. I cannot remember a Christmas Eve not spent at my Granny's house. I remember many Christmas gatherings as a child and want my children to have as many wonderful memories as I have. The one thing we failed to do this Christmas at Granny's was to get a group photo or at least small group photos. There are always so many people there that it would be impossible very difficult to get a shot with everyone. I was able to get a couple of family shots and a shot of each of my boys with their great-grandmother.

The Creek Family
(I had a better shot of Keaton but Rob was so hot in it. It's hard to get good shots of everyone.)

The Ford Family
(My sister and her family: Codie, Jonathan and Ceceley.)

Granny Hurt with Keaton

Connor and Granny

My sisters, Angie and Kacie

After dinner and presents at Granny's, we headed on to my dad's house where we spent the night in anticipation of Santa's arrival. On Christmas morning the boys were excited to see what Santa had brought. After checking out the loot, I headed back to bed while the boys played with their new toys. We spent a nice leisurely day at my dad's before having dinner with my Dad and sisters.

My nephew, Codie, and my sister, Angie

My brother-in-law, Jonathan, and Rob

Keaton has been crazy for books lately. He spent some time reading to Jonathan and Angie.

Connor and Keaton with their Papa, my Dad

My father and his wife, Ruby

We had a fantastic time visiting with everyone during Christmas. Tomorrow we will celebrate my nephew's 14th birthday and visit with some family friends for one more Christmas celebration. Next week we will celebrate Connor's 9th birthday. Man how time flies!! 

Until next time,

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