Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little League Opening Night

This is Connor's first year in Little League (not his first year playing ball). The league hosts "Opening Ceremonies" at one of the parks and introduces all the players from the minor league and the major league.
We showed up. As each team was introduced, they came onto the field and the manager announced each player's name. Rob introduced his players and coaches. We watched and listened as the other teams were introduced. Here is a shot of the team. (Minus one player. It is Spring Break. We couldn't expect everyone to be able to make it.)

After all the teams were introduced,  they held a special recognition for one of the players. This is the part that touched our hearts. The league recognized one of the major league players, a 10 year old boy, for his efforts in helping raise Autism Awareness. Dr. Marty Bowman from the Kelly Autism Program was there to speak and thank the child for his efforts. The chairperson for the Austim Run/Walk event also spoke on the child's behalf. This 10 year old is working to raise $30,000 for Autism Awareness. Last night his basketball coach gave him a check for over $500. Their team set goals and worked to acheive them. The parents donated the money based on the goals accomplished. The Southern Little League participants and their families were challenged to support this child and his cause, one that is very close to my heart. (Here is a shot of this awesome 10 year old.)

On the ride back into town from the ballfield, Rob and I began talking about what we could. As parents of a child with Autsim we are always providing awareness as we interact and meet others. We brainstromed a few ideas and as we work out the details, we'll let you know what they are.

His parents must be proud. I don't even know the kid, and I'm sure proud of him.

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