Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

Look at this face!! Looks like a face only a mother could love this evening.  Keaton wasn't interested in helping us decorate any eggs for Easter. He was more interested in helping himself to some leftovers from dinner as you can see.  

I hadn't planned on dying or decorating any eggs for Easter this year. Keaton went to an egg hunt last weekend and both boys hunted at the afterschool program at school. We were going to call it good  and go on about things. This afternoon I received a call from my aunt: Easter Dinner at Granny's.  The boys had so much fun last year, how could we resist? I grabbed some candy and got the plastic eggs out of the closet. Mary boiled some eggs and we headed to the backyard to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day while we stuffed and dyed our eggs.

After this weekend, Connor should be an egg dying "eggspert".  Last night he visited with a friend and dyed eggs at their house. He had an awesome time at his friend's house.
Our audience for the festivities....a Bakugan army. They were very attentive and well behaved.
The first eggs are placed in the dye. The waiting begins. The longer we wait the brighter the egg color.
Almost done......
and now for the finished eggs. I know remember why we don't always dye eggs. They can be messy. They never turn out as pretty as the examples on the box. & The boys lose their interest after we get started. Oh well, we now have real, hard boiled, dyed Easter eggs to take to Granny's along with all the plastic, candy filled eggs we have.  
We bought the cameo kit. They didn't really turn out all that camoflaged if you ask me, but they'll still pass for dyed Easter eggs.

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