Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Big Brother

Updated:  Hopefully the video will work now. Sorry. It seems I'm still learning. Aren't we all?

Second graders at the elementary school where the boys attend were busy this past week hosting "Memoir Parties". A Memoir Party is where you invite the person you wrote your memoir about to come and listen to you read it. Keaton's class hosted their party on Friday. Connor and I attended the event and I was able to capture it on video. (Once again it is a little blurry but I'm not complaining. It's what you hear on this video that makes it so special!!)

My Big Brother
By: Keaton

My brother is very special to me. His name is Connor. He is my friend and my big brother.

Connor is very helpful to me and other kids. Connor will show me how to do things when I ask. He always helps me tie my shoes.

Connor is funny and makes me laugh. Connor is vey nice. Sometimes Connor is bossy to me, but he is just watching out for me, and trying to keep me safe.

Connor and I like to play catch, jump on the trampoline, wrestle, and play video games. Our favorite thing to do is wrestle.

I am lucky that Connor is my brother.

We are lucky to have both boys in our lives. They are both special and unique individuals. We love them more than words can ever describe.


  1. Amy, I tried to watch the video but it says it is private and you must send a friend request on YouTube for me to see it. I would love to watch it. Rob always talked about the boys at work and I enjoy following their adventures. I am HeatherLeahWright on YouTube.

  2. I loved it. It made me cry. I'm just catching up on my blog and on reading some. Sorry. Anyway, Keaton, you did a great job!

  3. I am SO PROUD of him! This is so good!