Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Merry Month of May

What a busy month!! I hardly had time to read posts on my favorite blogs. There was NO time to make a post of my own. We started off the month just like everyone else-trying to dry up from the torential rain. Rob's mother moved out the Friday night before the FLOOD and on Sunday we noticed the very wet carpet in what used to be her room. Up came the carpet and a plan for the floor had to be made.

After the baseball fields dried up, the baseball games resumed. The boys as individuals and as a team continue to improve with each game played. Connor continues to improve his pitching skills. They play their first tournament game tomorrow night.

Jennifer, Cheri and I were invited to attend the school board meeting to properly be recognized for our Child Cluster award. We enjoyed a very nice dinner and good company. I am so thankful to have such great partners. Thanks for everything girls.

The last month of school is always hectic, but I discovered having 5th grade during the last month isn't like having 4th graders. We  had to visit the Jr. High to help get the students ready for next year and participated in the district's 5th student exchange program. There was 5th grade promotion practice as well as the promotion itself and the 5th grade end of the year field trip to Holiday World. Then there is all the paper work that has to be completed in order to send it to the Jr. High on closing day. Just think, in a couple of very short months, I'll get to start all over again with a new group of 5th graders.

Rob and I also helped collect hole sponsors and serve lunch at a golf tournament to raise awareness and money to support the Kelly Autism Program. It was a lot of work. We sent out letters, made phone calls, and created signs. In the end we raised a little more than $2150. We are so thankful for all of our friends (both new and old) that came out to support our cause. We couldn't have done it without you guys!! Thanks a bunch.

(There are other pictures from the golf tournament. I just didn't take them and had a difficult time copying them. Sorry. I was too busy to take a lot of pictures.)

We have also become regulars at O'Charley's. Not only do they have 1/2 off appetizers, but if we buy groceries, Keaton just eats everything. Sometimes it's cheaper to eat out. Connor loves to sit at the bar and play the game machine. Good food, good times! (We have just recently put combination locks on the refrigerator and freezer. Hopefully that will prevent Keaton from eating us out of house and home.)

School ended last Wednesday for students and Thrusday for teachers. Since then we have put the down stairs back together. (My brother-in-law installed hardwood laminate flooring to replace the carpet. THANKS JONATHAN!!). We finished painting the wicker furniture. We also cleaned the windows and replaced some screens on the back porch. Here is the finished product. I love it. I know we still have more screens to replace and we have got to do something with porch floor. Considering it has been a bit of a catch all for the years we have lived here, it looks great!! You have to start somewhere. Maybe I'll get the screens replaced and decide on a material for the curtains before summer is over. I don't know about you but I would consider that a success.

We have planted another rose bush, a climatis, and some petunias. I also trimmed the fence row and mowed the yard. Today, the boys started swim team practice. I love having the time to work a little and play a little. I love summer!!

Aren't they pretty!!

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