Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keaton's 8th Birthday

Eight years ago yesterday, our youngest son was born. When he was born we had all the hopes and dreams for him that all parents have. When we learned he had autism, we grieved for the son we thought we were going to see grow and develop and for all the things we dreamed he might one day do. Instead of that son, we have been blessed with a remarkable son who in fact does have autism. Although there are times that are a bit more difficult than others, we wouldn't trade him for anything or any other child in the world. He is AWESOME!! and he turned EIGHT years old yesterday.

This was the first year that Keaton knew or at least that he would answer when his birthday was. He would say, "March 26th." He was even able to tell us that he was 7 or that he would be 8 on his birthday. (Occasionally he said he would be 17.) He also requested white cake with pink icing at his party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Ok...I know the cake isn't pink. We sent cupcakes that were pink and blue to school on Friday to share with his class and I orded the same for our party. (My friend Jennifer and her boys met us at Chuck E. Cheese for a small celebration.)  We just made sure he got a pink one. I had a hard time ordering all pink for my son. I know it shouldn't matter, but I couldn't do it.

Today I went out and picked up Keaton's birthday present. I wanted to get him a bicycle. He acted like he wanted to ride Connor's awhile back but was very unsure of the balance thing even with me trying to help him. Here you see his Dad trying to help him figure it out. We both helped him for a little while. He is still very much unsure about the whole bike riding thing, even with the training wheels we installed. Baby steps. He has to get used to the idea first. I'll try to keep you posted on his bike riding progress.

We had another birthday celebration tonight at one of our favorite places, El Maz. Keaton loved being sung to and enjoyed the sombrero. He did not enjoy the dabbing of whipped cream on the face that comes along with the festive celebration.

Tomorrow we head to Keaton's first swim meet in Louisville. We are going to meet up with my sister and neice. I'm sure Keaton will have one more birthday experience. (They are bringing him the gift that he wanted most~ Princess and Frog. It's all he has asked about for weeks. We had to go ahead and tell him they were bringing it to prevent much disappointment.)

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