Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Newest Home Decor Addition

Although we have lived in our home a couple of years or so, we are still adding home decor items and changing out paint colors. Things take time (and money) and I don't always know right away what I want. Our lastest "addition" came after much talking about it for the past several months. Are you ready for this? Here it is!
It's a combination lock attached to our pantry door.

So, what do you think? Is that a lovely addition to the kitchen or what!! By now you may be wondering, Why on Earth would anyone put a combination lock or a lock of any kind for that matter on their pantyr door?

Well, it has something to do with our youngest son, Keaton. Although still adorable, he has gained too much weight lately. He not only takes a medication that can cause weight gain, he also has a true love affair with food. When we come in from the store with groceries, he starts going through the bags to see what might interest him. He eats or has the urge to eat from the time his feet hit the ground until he falls asleep at night. We were hoping that with his swimteam practices and the weather warming up that he might be more active and drop a pound or two. No such luck. One night last week, probably after trying on several pairs of pants that would NOT fit him, I decided enough was enough. 

I headed out and came back with an answer, the above pictured hardware and combination lock. I installed it as soon as I returned and expected to be met with an unhappy child. He has made a few comments about the "kitchen being closed" but thankfully we haven't experienced any real dramatic meltdowns over the lock. (I think that's just because he can still get to the food in the refrigerator and the freezer. The plan is to not restock for awhile after he empties it. We'll have to live off of whatever can go in the cabinet.)

When I weighed Keaton last, he had dropped 1.5 pounds. Not sure the lock contributed to the decrease or not but it sure can't hurt. Wonder how I could enstall one on the refrigerator.......

Until next time,


  1. Do they sell that particular model in other colors? I'm thinking it may help with my teenagers! I found you a couple of potentials for the fridge issue. :D

  2. Hey Amy, I saw this article today and thought of you guys:

    I used to share stuff like this with Rob before he deserted us and went to work at that other place. :)