Friday, March 19, 2010

What a Week!

As I begin this post, I am so thankful to finally be lounging at home for the evening. Tonight was a very busy end to a very busy week....

We started off the week with baseball practice beginning. I headed to the gym for spinning while Rob and Connor hit the batting cage with the rest of the team. It was a tough workout--it was the first after a sickly weekend. Tuesday night included another trip to the gym and a visit to the ball park for more baseball practice. After spinning on Wednesday night, Connor and I ran a few errands. Ball practice again Thrusday night. This afternoon began with the annual Dodgeball Tournament between Connor's afterschool program and one of the other elementary school's afterschool programs. We left there around 5:15 and made it to a birthday party for one of Connor's friends. After the party we stopped at Barnes and Noble for our next installment of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Before coming home we had to head over to the gym for Connor's baseball lesson. 

I'm so tired from all the running we have done this week. I love my kids and love doing things for them but this week I feel as though I might have short changed one of them. Keaton had his usual speech and KAP sessions. He just stayed at home for all the running and practice sessions this week.

Although I would like to say that hopefully the next few weeks will slow down a bit, I have been in this season before. Spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings. It is also the time for state accountablitily testing amoung other things. (Now that I've mentioned accountability testing, I'm experiencing a little bit of "writer's block". It stresses all educators and students alike. I'm hoping that the wonderful spring weather will help us all relax.

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  1. What do you mean, too many birds? What kind of birds? Send them my way. I love birds, except for black birds