Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crab Catchin'

While on vacation the boys couldn't wait to go crab catchin' at night. Jennifer and I took Connor, Landen, and Alex down to the beach one evening after dinner. You would think that with three boys one of them would pick up the crabs. Oh NO. No way were those boys going to touch any crab. They wanted to only be in charge of the flashligths. So that left Jennifer and I to do any catching that was to be done. Thankfully we each had headed to the beach with a cool drink and had our empty cups. We didn't want to touch the crabs either but we figured out a way to trap them in the cup and get them into the bucket. We had a very successful night as you can see. We collected several small crabs. Way to go Moms!!

On our last night in Gulf Shores, we decided to give the Crab Catchin' another go. This time we were joined by Kevin and Dylan. Add two more of the male species to the group and surely one of them would collect the crabs. NOPE. Once again it was up to me and Jennifer to do the catching. This time it was a little more difficult. Our flashlight holders kept moving the flashlight. Do you know how hard it is to catch crabs on the beach without any light? I do. It can't be done! However, after a while the flashlight holders got the hang of it and we were able to rack up quite a catch as you can see. We may not have caught as many but we sure caught some bigger ones.

The crabs below were caught during the afternoon by net. There is no way I would have attempted picking up these big boys with a plastic cup. The boys were fishing for jelling fish when a lady close by asked to borrow the net for a minute. These guys are what she came up with.

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