Sunday, October 18, 2009

Keaton Sings Along

~Update #2~
Ok so I finally got it right and then figured out that I had the broadcast as private. Ooops. Sorry. Hopefully this time it all works out.

~Updated Post~ I am learning. After I first included a link to the video my friend, Valerie, talked me through how to embed the video into my post. So now I have tried that. We'll see what happens. Here's crossing my fingers and hoping it works.

Lately Keaton has been watching an old Blue's Clues video. Some of his new phrases have come from this video. He has been talking a lot about Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, kitchen helpers and a new baby. (All of which are from the video.)
Yesterday afternoon I happened to catch him singing along and playing the guitar with Steve on the video. I was able to get him to do it a second time and I captured it on video. Although the first performance was the best, this one is pretty good even if Connor is peeking around the corner. Hope you enjoy. (Click the link below to view. This is my first time to post a video to the blog. If there is a better way and you know how to do it, please let me know.)

Keaton Sings Along


  1. Amy,

    When I go to YouTube, it says "This video is private" and will not let me view. Not sure if Rob filled you in, but I am a coworker for a few more days. :)

  2. Absolutely love it! What a sweet guy he is...loved his hugs at chuch :)

  3. Church...whoops...that's what you get for typing too fast!