Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today was a very busy day and I had no voice. After a week of the sore throat, my voice finally disappeared. The only good part about it is that my throat feels a bit better now. Anyway, Connor had football pictures and a game. From there we headed over to a Halloween party at the house of one of his friends. We got home just in time to get Keaton dressed for Trunk or Treating at Living Hope. We headed on over and and had a good time. After dropping the boys off at home, I then headed to the grocery store. Man on man, what a day!! I might have been busy but never too busy to take a picture or two.

Here are our boys in their costumes....

and without their masks.

Connor loves to make funny faces but Keaton hasn't quite started joining in on the "fun".

I usually don't dress up myself or at least haven't since having the boys unless we go to a Halloween costume party (which we have only done once). So, my school decided to let the students wear costumes for the first time since I have been teaching there. I decided to participate but had no idea what to wear. My friend and neighbor saved the day. She always gets into Halloween and had a costume to spare. I had to borrow Annie's doll to take with me. I figured the kids wouldn't know who I was and I was right. Only a very few knew who Raggady Anne was.

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