Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jellyfish Sunday

Fall Break has begun! We headed out yesterday evening and made it to the beach really early this morning. We were hoping for a fun filled beautiful day at the beach. Instead we received rain, a little more rain and lots of jellyfish. We headed down to the beach between showers and the boys had a great time. Keaton was living it up hitting the waves when we noticed others on the beach looking very intensely at something in the sand. After checking it out, we realized there were lots and lots of jellyfish washing ashore. How in the world did Keaton and I miss them in the ocean I'll never know but am very grateful that we did. Who would want to get stung at all, but much less on the first day of vacation!?!

The boys had a great time helping Kevin catch the jellyfish. They had a system worked out. Kevin would use the net to catch them and then the boys would jab them with sticks and cover them with sand. It worked for them.

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