Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog After Blog

I have always been an avid reader. I remember sneaking a flashlight to bed with me many times when I was younger so that I could read after my parents went to bed without getting caught. There were many days I went to school with very few hours of sleep because I had stayed up late reading that last chapter. At one time it was especially bad. I would let my chores go until the very last minute because I had my nose stuck in a book.

Well as I have gotten older I have had to prioritize life. Throughout college I read less for enjoyment and entertainment and read more for class. I knew that if I picked up a book for enjoyment, the assignments wouldn't be completed on time, if at all.

Since college there have been many days, nights and/or weekends that the laundry or the dishes just sat there waiting for my attention while I was in another world with a book that I just couldn't put down. I would finally get to the end, return to the real world and do a few chores before picking up another.

Lately I haven't done much reading (of books that is). Instead, I have become an avid reader of blogs. I love posting to my own blog and reading my friends blogs but I have also started checking out other peoples' blogs as well. When I come across a blog with an author who captures my attention with their writing, I'm hooked. Often times these blogs come with awesome photography as a bonus. The writing is interesting and the photos are amazing. These talented bloggers invite us in and welcome us into their lives.

I never imagined myself as a writer much less a writing teacher. But that is exactly what I am... a writing teacher and a writer. Hopefully as I continue to teach students about writing and all that in encompasses, I'll improve as well. I don't have ambitions to become a published author by any means. I just want to continue blogging for enjoyment. If someone becomes inspired or enlighted by anything I post or write, then that in itself will be my reward.

(I started this post simply to explain why I had so many blogs listed under my "Blogs I Like to Read". I guess I just got carried away and started freewriting, but at least now you know why there are so many. I just can't stop reading them.)

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  1. You are so sweet! I love to read blogs, but I am a big book reader, too. I am also in a book club which helps me to make sure I read. We also have a book exchange in our teacher workroom, so I get to just pick up a book whenever I finish one.