Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friendly Fall Fun

What a beautiful fall day! The weather was awesome today (with the exception of the wind this morning). We headed out to Connor's football game. Although the wind was chilly during the game, the team pulled off a win. Connor scored a touchdown or two....I'm still learning the game. I'm not sure if he scored the touchdown and then got the extra points or if he scored two seperate touchdowns. Either way it was a good game and he had a good time.

After a lunch at Zaxby's (one of our very favorite places to eat), Connor headed out to play with our neighbor Landon and his brother, Luke. Well, Keaton is no fool....pretty weather, boys playing outside, he was on it. Sooooo.... we spent most of the afternoon outside between our backyard and the neighbors. Having wonderful fun with friends during the fall. What a way to spend the day!!

Here the boys are...playing Nerf battle.

Keaton joins in by chasing everyone with Luke's leaf blower. It's a hoot to watch them run from him. He loves it.

Wonder how the weather will be tomorrow and what fun we'll have.
Until next time.....

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