Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Are Thankful

There are so many things in life for which to be Thankful.  A few of the many things we have that make us Thankful this Thanksgiving:
good health
Connor and Keaton
fantastic friends
our home
good jobs
super support for Keaton's Autism
our children's teachers
We could go on and on and on..... but instead I'll continue the post about the Thanksgiving meal we shared with Robert's mother, nephew, and dear friends.

We have always had the "Creek Family" Thanksgiving a few days before the actual day. Up until last year it was just Rob, me and the boys, Mary, Randall (Rob's brother) and his son, Andre'. That changed last year. To say the very least, Randall made some life changing decisions that affected us all.  In his absence from the gathering last year, (We aren't sure when he'll again be albe to join us for family gatherings.) we invited Andre's other grandparents, David and Kaye, to join us as well as some other friends. We enjoyed our fellowship together and once again invited them to join us this year. In addition to David and Kaye, we made sure to invite our newest family friends, The Johnsons.

We invited the Johnsons over for Thanksgiving and then put them to work helping prepare everything. They didn't have to help get it ready, but they came over early so that the boys could play and were more than willing to jump right in and offer a helping hand. I am so thankful they did. At times, can't say always, but at times, I do enjoying cooking and preparing food for others. What better way to enjoy myself than with a good friend!

Here you can view the 'fruits' of our labor. No really, you can see what all we worked together (Mary and I along with Kevin and Jennifer's assistance) to prepare.
Mary, Rob's mother, is a creature of habit. She has to make the same type of food each year. She always makes potato salad and baked beans. Now I don't know about you, but I grew up thinking those were picnic foods, not Thanksgiving food. Oh well, whatever makes her happy. We also make mashed potatoes and macoroni and cheese to make me happy. This Thanksgiving we even made corndogs to make Connor happy.

 I made chocolate pecan pies for dessert and Kaye brought chocolate pudding cake. It's a good thing we all enjoy chocolate. Connor and Keaton both loved Kaye's cake.....

 and just look at what happened to my pie.

I don't mean to brag or anything, but the chocolate pecan pies were wonderfully delicious. Want the recipe? I'd be more than happy to share. Just let me know.

Now on with the rest of Thanksgiving week. Tomorrow we have off from school. Yeah!! What to do, what to do? I know.....I'll try to get caught up on grading my papers before heading to Granny's on Thrusday for another Thanksgiving feast. Until then.....


  1. We were happy to help! So glad that you invited us :)

  2. It all looks yummy; glad you all had a super Thanksgiving. I had no idea Randall was related to you all - never made the connection. Thinking of you all!