Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Signature, New Look

Ok, so last night I messed around and tried using a header that I created. It was cute but too big. In the process I ended up making a mess out of my columns and such. I tried out a new background briefly. I was too tired to fix it correctly last night. Tonight I am about to reach the point of being too tired to finish again. So I am calling it a night. I thought I'd do this post to see how the new signature looks on the new background. I sure am glad I saved Sneaky Momma Blog. That blog has saved me a lot of time more than once. Check it out for yourself. 


  1. I love the new signature! But I'd change the text color I had to highlight it to see it. I love that color of green though! I went to see New Moon earlier this morning! Check out my blog for more information!

  2. I like the new layout! Love the colors :) Can't wait to see the Twilight post!!!!

  3. Love the colors...the signature is great! Kim