Saturday, April 16, 2011

One of My Favorites

One of my favorite authors.....Nicholas Sparks was in town for the annual book festival. My friend Pam and I set out early this morning and got ourselves at the front of the line to get tickets to his 11:00 session. We meet some new friends while waiting in line.

We thoroughly enjoyed his talk. He is a FANTASTIC entertainer in addition to being a FABULOUS author. He explained how he became an author and where he gets his story ideas. There was laughter as well as some teary eyes (from the audience, myself included).

Afterward, we stood in line and had him sign our books. There were so many people that he wasn't able to personalize the signatures, just his name and there were to be no pictures with him. We were free to take as many of him as we liked.

It was a great day. I'll share with you the other books I purchased and had signed later.

Until next time,

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