Saturday, April 9, 2011

Satisfied Customer

I am one satisfied customer when it comes to my new Sanuk yoga mat flip flops. I found them when shopping for souvenirs in Gulf Shores. I just loved the way they felt. SO, SO Comfortable!!! I didn't buy them right away. They were (or at least I thought they were) $40. That's more than I want to pay for flip flops.

I thought when we hit the outlet mall I might be able to find them cheaper. No Luck! I couldn't even find them period much less cheaper. On another night of souvenir shopping I happened to find them cheaper. YEAH!! Except, they didn't have my size in the color I wanted. HOW FRUSTRATING!!! When went on to another store and hit the jackpot. They had the color I wanted and in my size too. I almost didn't get them but am so glad I did. I have had them on everyday but one since I bought them. They are way comfy!! If you're in the market for some comfy summer flops, you should check them out. Happy hunting.

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